An American Arts & Crafts

Bedroom Vignette

“In planning any bedroom, it is well to keep three principles in mind, simplicity, convenience and cheerfulness. If the walls are quiet and pleasant in color, the furniture suited in design and size to the room and the hangings harmonious in tone and of some simple, washable material, the right start has been made toward a room that shall be a joy to its owner, day or night.”

The Craftsman, Vol IX, Number 5, February 1906

Step back in time to view this thoughtfully curated bedroom modeled after advertising photographs that appeared in the 1906 The Craftsman magazine. Many of the furnishings were produced by Gustav Stickley’s Craftsman Workshops. The bed serves as the focal point of the room with all the other furniture and objects placed tastefully around it. Each object was selected for its function as well as beauty to create a harmonious interior. The furniture is accentuated by copper vases, bookends, and a desk set from the Roycroft Shops, as well oil paintings of serene landscapes. With its sense of order, comfort and utility, one can image this space as being a respite from the pressures of daily life with its sense of order, comfort and utility.

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