April 4, 2021

MAACM Sneak Peek: The Antique Bar

April 7 is National Beer Day, and to celebrate we are tapping the kegs for the first time at Ambrosia’s Antique Bar. Beer, wine, and other libations will be served to guests from our 1900 Brunswick Mont d'Oro bar. This handcrafted bar, made of oak and copper, will serve patrons in our special event space, located in the event facility above the Ambrosia Restaurant.

This bar was originally installed in the historic Winnemucca Hotel (opened in 1867), in Winnemucca, Nevada, a small community in the Northwest corner of the state. Started in 1855, JM Brunswick and Brothers Billiard Table Manufacturing began making front and back bars in 1878. Their saloon fixtures were featured at the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago.

Today, this artfully constructed bar serves as a testament to the handicraft tradition represented throughout the Museum of the American Arts and Crafts Movement and the Ambrosia Restaurant, uplifting the dignity and beauty of hand labor.

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